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Our Services

Comprehensive Dental Care

Services We Offer at Our Dental Clinic in Sidney

At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive, personalized dental care for the whole family, from young children experiencing their first dental visit to grandparents maintaining their healthy smiles. We enjoy getting to know the whole family, and watching them grow year after year. Our dental services are available for patients in Sidney, the Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. From teeth whitening to surgeries and extractions, we are equipped to provide you with the dental solutions you need in a comfortable environment. Contact our dental clinic in Sidney for your family and cosmetic dentistry needs.


We deliver a wide range of dental services at our dental clinic in Sidney, including preventative, cosmetic, and emergency dental care. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any of the following:

Dental exams and cleaning
Pediatric dentistry
Root canals
Full and partial dentures
Extractions including wisdom teeth
Crowns, bridges, and implants
Veneers and cosmetic repairs
Tooth whitening
Nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedation
Emergency treatment

Our Dental Services

Digital X-rays

CD and DVD Players

You can watch a DVD or listen to a CD during your appointment! These play through our in-operatory computers, positioned so you can see them while having the treatment done. We have an office collection; however, you are welcome to bring your favourites as well! Kids love this option and are often disappointed when the appointment is finished—they want to watch the end of the movie!

Dental Treatment Room

Rotary Endodontics

Nobody likes the idea of having a root canal. But with air-driven rotary equipment (as opposed to hand-driven), root canals are completed faster and with less post-treatment discomfort.

Rotary Endodontics
Dental Care

Many people have had previous negative dental experiences, making them afraid to seek treatment. We have a wide range of options to help make your appointment more comfortable:

We proceed slowly, explaining what will happen as we go along.
You can relax and zone out with a CD or DVD.
We ensure complete profound freezing before we start any treatment.
We empower you with the ability to stop the procedure with the lifting of a finger.
We can provide nitrous oxide or oral sedation to help you relax.
We can provide IV sedation in office administered by an anaesthesiologist.

IV sedation can also be used for medically compromised patients and those who have physical issues that impede dental care, such as a strong gag reflex. Please contact us to learn if IV sedation is the right choice for you!


Contact Us

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a trusted dental clinic in Sidney. Our team has the necessary knowledge and training to serve people of all ages. We understand that children's dental needs require extra care and attention. Your children will feel at ease in our welcoming environment, allowing them not to be afraid of routine dental checkups but to look forward to them. Adults and seniors can also benefit from our excellent dental treatment. We provide a variety of preventative, cosmetic, and emergency dental services.


Sidney Centre Family Dentistry is open Monday to Thursday, and our dentists are always happy to help you. Please call us if you'd like to schedule an appointment or inquire about any of our services. 

Special Care for Anxious, Medically Compromised or Physically Challenged Patients

Digital X-rays

Using new digital technology, we can reduce radiation exposure in our office and no longer need any messy developing chemicals. The radiographic images are projected onto computer monitors attached to our dental chairs, where we can enlarge them to allow you to see what, in the past, was only visible to the dentist. Patients appreciate that with this technology, they can understand precisely why a particular procedure is recommended.

Intraoral Cameras

We have digital intraoral cameras that allow us to take pictures of anything in your mouth and project it onto the computer screen. These images allow you to see what we see and so allow you to understand the need for treatment better. It also gives us additional evidence to relay to the insurance company to gain predetermination acceptance for treatment.

Digital Dentistry

Our dental clinic in Sidney is equipped with the latest technology available to make your dental experience faster, easier and more comfortable.

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