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Our Family Caring for Yours

Our dental clinic has served Victoria, Sidney, the Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands with family-friendly dental care since 2000. New patients welcome!

Your Trusted Dental Clinic in Sidney

Welcome to Sidney Centre Family Dentistry. We are a family dental clinic offering our patients a range of dental services. Our team of experienced dental professionals provides personalized care and attention to each patient. From children to older adults, we provide comprehensive and compassionate dental treatments at our dental clinic in Sidney. Our experienced dental professionals use advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art tools for all check-ups and surgeries. With our strong commitment and passion for excellence, we earn the trust of all our valuable clients. Our goal is to leave you satisfied after each appointment and help you practise proper dental hygiene habits. We will help you achieve a beautiful smile and optimal oral health in a positive and respectful environment. Call us today to book an appointment or discuss your questions and concerns. We look forward to serving you!

About Dr. Braun and His Staff

Dr. Braun and his staff have a patient-first philosophy. Our dental clinic in Sidney is committed to providing personalized, affordable, and effective service to all our clients. Keep reading to know what we promise to offer to you when you rely on us:

  • Offer same-day emergency care to our patients so you are never left in pain

  • Be on time for scheduled appointments

  • Completely explain all treatment options available to you, using both digital X-rays and digital photographs to provide the best information and clear choices based  on your individual concerns and needs

  • Provide straightforward estimates for treatment

  • Bill insurance directly, making access to treatment easier

  • Provide a relaxed, comfortable, low-pressure environment

  • Offer multiple options to help patients with anxiety, medical, or physical complications to access dental care, including nitrous oxide, oral and intravenous sedation

  • Provide a complete range of dental services, including preventative, restorative and cosmetic procedures, to address both immediate and long-term dental needs


Our Services


At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we provide a wide range of services for people of all age groups. Have a look at the services we offer at our fully-equipped, comfortable dental clinic located in Sidney:



Call us to learn more about our comprehensive services and let us know how we may help you.

Why Should You Go for Regular Dental Visits?


Regular dental check-ups are essential to ensure teeth are free of decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Regular check-ups prevent simple issues from turning into serious ailments. 


Learn more about the benefits of regular dental visits:


  • Prevent future issues: Dentists spot problems at the initial stage and save a lot of people from serious diseases such as oral cancer or other significant illnesses. 

  • Save your teeth: If you do not visit a dentist regularly, you may not find out about a decayed tooth until it is too late to save it.

  • Get dental health education: During a visit, a dentist educates you about dental hygiene and the care needed for healthy teeth.

  • Treat bad breath: Chronic bad breath often occurs due to halitosis. It can be avoided by following good oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

  • Remain free of stress: Prolonged toothache and long-term tooth decay can ruin your peace of mind. Regular check-ups help you spot these problems when they are mild.

  • Improve your smile: Visiting a dentist can help you keep your beautiful smile intact and even improve it through cosmetic dentistry. 


Are you looking for a trusted dental clinic in or around Sidney? Look no further than Sidney Centre Family Dentistry. Call or visit us today.

We Welcome New Patients


We prioritize delivering high-quality, personalized dental services to all our patients at our dental clinic. If you want to visit us for the first time, please contact our dental practice to book an appointment. From kids to grandparents, our team of dental professionals caters to all your dental care needs.


Contact Us


Making you smile is our priority, and we strive to maintain it with our services. Feel free to contact us to book a consultation with our welcoming dental team in Sidney.

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“ I just wanted to let you know that N__ recovered wonderfully from the surgery. He didn’t have any bruising or swelling! Now, how is that possible? We were all amazed.”


“Thank you for your time, consideration and patience in helping me keep my teeth in decent shape. I so appreciate being able to smile, and feel respected in your office.”


“You all manage to put my dental anxiety from childhood at ease, and I love how you practice high-tech painless dentistry. Thanks!”

Restorative Dental Treatments

Restoring Broken or Decayed Teeth

Our dental clinic in Sidney offers several treatment options for broken, chipped, or decayed teeth.

Dental Checkup

Prevent Future Dental Problems

Regular check-ups and cleanings can help you keep your smile healthy and avoid future expenses.

Teeth Whitening

Brighten up Your Smile a Little or a Lot

Teeth whitening treatments available for your stained or darkened teeth from the consumption of coffee, tea, or due to smoking.

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