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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sidney

Wisdom teeth removal is a typical process most adults go through. This tooth usually develops in your mid or late teen years. In some individuals, wisdom teeth development occurs at a much later stage. It is rare for an individual to have enough space in their mouth to accommodate all four wisdom teeth. At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we conduct a complete oral exam to analyze the position of your wisdom teeth and evaluate the problems they might cause.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal: The Process

Good preventative care can help keep your teeth healthy, but wisdom tooth extraction is not dependent on your oral hygiene alone. In most cases, the wisdom teeth are partially or fully impacted under the gum with no room to erupt, increasing the risk of infection or decay. When these teeth try to erupt, they crowd the existing teeth and create gum flaps where infection can fester. It is vital to have the offending teeth removed in all these situations, and we are pleased to offer this service to patients of Sidney, B.C.


The extraction process is simple. Sidney Centre Family Dentistry takes all the precautions to make you feel comfortable. Our dentist will thoroughly numb your mouth with a local anesthetic and make a small incision to open the gum tissue. If there is any bone covering the tooth, we will remove it. The tooth will be then pulled out gently with the help of dental forceps.

Preparing for the Surgery

Though the wisdom teeth removal process is not complicated, it still requires detailed planning. Planning would help you have a pleasant experience during and post the operation. Here are a few things you should consider before you go in for the extraction process:

If you have any health concerns, discuss them with your dentist.
Inform your dentist about all the drugs that you are regularly taking.
Ask your dentist any questions that you may have about the surgery.
Take off from work or school for the surgery and the rest you would need afterwards.


Instructions after Dental Surgery

At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we are concerned about your well-being and ensure that you get the proper treatment to resolve your dental issues. We understand that tooth extraction can be quite uncomfortable, so we provide you with detailed instructions to take care of yourself after the surgery. We advise you to:

Ice your face for a few minutes, a few times a day, to control the swelling.
Take prescribed pain killer as and when required.
Eat cool and soft foods.
Avoid hot foods like soups, tea and coffee.
Avoid nuts, chips, or other food that may hurt your gum tissue.
Intake a high-calorie, high-liquid diet for the first two days after the extraction surgery.
Eat on the other side of your mouth until your gums are completely healed.

Oral Hygiene

It is also essential to follow a good oral hygiene routine to avoid an infection after your surgery. Follow the following steps to prevent the risk of any infection:

  • Day 1: Brush non-surgical areas only.
  • Day 2: Rinse your teeth with warm saltwater.
  • Day 3: Resume regular oral hygiene.

Please remember not to consume alcohol while on pain medication, as they may have a negative interaction. In addition, avoid sucking through a straw or smoking for 24 hours. These activities may create a negative pressure within the mouth, preventing a proper blood clot from forming. If you have any doubts regarding the process, please feel free to talk to our dentists at Sidney Centre Family Dentistry. We’d be happy to help you understand the wisdom teeth removal process better. 

Get Rid of the Pain

An impacted wisdom tooth can create a lot of discomforts, even crowding existing teeth.

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