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Dental Surgery in Sidney

Occasionally, teeth must be removed in order to prevent further dental problems. In some cases, the tooth must be surgically removed if it has not yet erupted through the gum. Both of these procedures can be completed at our dental office in Sidney. Continue reading to learn more about the procedures we can complete for you.

Surgery | Oral Sedation | Root Canals

Surgery (Including Removal of Wisdom Teeth)

Removing a tooth is always our last option, but in some instances it is our only option. One of the more common teeth extraction surgeries includes wisdom teeth removal. Sidney, BC patients often require wisdom teeth extraction because those third molars do not have room to erupt from the gum. This can cause pain and other issues if not addressed. Wisdom teeth that do erupt from the gums might not have enough room and grow at odd angles in your jaw. In either situation, it’s important to have your wisdom teeth pulled.

Oral Sedation

At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we offer intravenous sedation for those who are anxious and prefer to be unaware of their surroundings. The sedation is performed by an anaesthesiologist in our office and will allow us to complete the procedure, but lessen your anxiety and worries.

Root Canals

A root canal is required when the nerve and blood system within a tooth are disturbed by trauma or bacterial infection. The small canals, which allow blood and nerves to enter the teeth, must be thoroughly cleaned and filled so that the infection is eradicated and prevented from returning. Many teeth have more than one root canal so each canal must be individually cleaned to prevent further infection. A root canal treated tooth is more prone to fracture, so a crown is recommended to stabilize the tooth.

If you believe you may need a tooth extracted or are experiencing other dental problems, call Sidney Centre Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment.

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