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When it comes to dental care, acting sooner is always better. At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we provide a range of preventative dental services, like routine dental exams, at our office in Sidney that will help keep your smile healthy. By receiving regular checkups and cleanings, you can prevent future dental problems that could mean large expenses if not taken care of. We even offer same-day emergency dental service for those patients who require it. Continue reading to learn more about the preventative care we can provide.

First Appointment | Periodontal | Pedodontics

First Appointment

During your new patient examination, information is collected to determine what your chief concerns are and how we can best solve them. This visit includes:

  • Medical and dental histories.
  • Comprehensive head and neck examination – including oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) assessment, occlusal (bite) analysis and recording of both teeth present and previously placed restorations (their location and stability).
  • Digital radiographs – These reduce radiation exposure by 95% and are displayed on computer screens attached to our dental chairs. This allows us to point out and explain any abnormality to you.
  • Study models and intraoral photographs – as needed.

This information is integrated to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as alternative treatment options. Then, in consultation with you, we can determine the best treatment path to embark upon.

Before any treatment begins, we will provide you with an overall estimate for the proposed procedures. If you have dental insurance, we will predetermine the treatment plan for you, in order to ascertain what your insurance will pay towards the treatment. After completing treatment, we will accept assignment of your insurance benefits on your behalf. This allows you to only pay the patient portions of your treatment, as we will bill your insurance directly to collect their portion of your treatment.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Your gums play a huge role in your overall oral health. They are part of the foundation which supports your teeth and are important in the aesthetics of your smile. Unhealthy gums can result in tooth loss and have been linked to heart and stroke problems. Regular appointments with our hygienist are recommended to remove plaque and calculus and to monitor gum health. At your appointment, your oral hygiene techniques can be evaluated, and we can give you tips on ways to do a more thorough job.

Pedodontics (Children)

Children are fun to treat, especially when we can make the experience fun and send them off with a smile. We achieve this by proceeding slowly, explaining each step and empowering them with the ability to let us know when they are uncomfortable or concerned. One tool which has become very popular with the younger crowd is the ability to play a DVD while treatment is being done. We have a selection of child-friendly DVDs in the office, or you can bring your own! We recommend your child have a dental visit by age 3.

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