Root Canals, Surgeries and Extractions

If you have an infected tooth we can often treat it with a root canal, which will resolve the pain and disease, allowing you to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. However sometimes an extraction is the only option, for example if a tooth is badly broken or impacted. We perform all types of extractions, including impacted wisdom teeth. 

Surgery (Including Removal of Wisdom Teeth)

Removing a tooth is always our last option, but in some instances, it is our only option. A broken tooth is sometimes unrestorable. Wisdom teeth may be impacted, which is when they are stuck under the gum with no room to erupt. Wisdom teeth can also partially erupt, crowding existing teeth and creating gum flaps where infection can fester. In all these situations, it is important to have the offending teeth removed, and we are pleased to offer this service to patients of Sidney, B.C.

Instructions after Dental Surgery

  • Eat cool, soft food

  • Eat a high-calorie, high-liquid diet for days 1 and 2

  • Eat on the other side of your mouth until healing has occurred

Oral Hygiene

  • Day 1: Brush non-surgical areas only.

  • Day 2: Use a warm salt water rinse.

  • Day 3: Resume regular oral hygiene.

  • No drinking alcohol while taking pain medication, as they may have a negative interaction.

  • No sucking through a straw or smoking for 24 hours as this creates a negative pressure within the mouth and prevents a proper blood clot from forming. The result is a dry socket.

  • No sucking through a straw or smoking for 24 hours as this creates a negative pressure within the mouth and prevents a proper blood clot from forming. The result is a dry socket.


At Sidney Centre Family Dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide, oral and intravenous sedation for those who are anxious, or have physical or medical limitations to treatment.

Root Canals

A root canal is required when the nerve and blood system within a tooth is disturbed by trauma or bacterial infection. The small canals, which allow blood and nerves to enter the teeth, must be thoroughly cleaned and filled so that the infection is eradicated and prevented from returning. Many teeth have more than one root canal so each canal must be individually cleaned to prevent further infection. A root canal treated tooth is more prone to fracture, so a crown is recommended to stabilize the tooth.

If you believe you may need a tooth extracted or are experiencing other dental problems, call Sidney Centre Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment.

Taking Care of Your Smile

We have been offering dental care in the Sidney area since 2000.

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